Concerning the European Heritage Days, Ministry of Finance opens its gates to public in order to show the architecture of the Ministry’s building and provide some facts in relation to the 150-year-history of the Hungarian Public Finance Administration.

The management of the Hungarian General Credit Bank assigned Ignác Alpár in 1909 to design a new headquarters. This area was already a banking centre in the late 19th century. Plans had to be redrawn several times, so the building is on an irregular-shaped plot.

Other major buildings designed by Ignác Alpár: Building of Stock Exchange (Szabadság Square), National Bank of Hungary (Szabadság Square), Ministry of Interior Affairs (Széchenyi Square), Anker House (Deák Square)

Ministry of Finance moved here in 1947 because its building in the Caste District had been bombed in WWII.

History of the Ministry of Finance:

  • 1848: the First Hungarian Government independent from Austrian Empire, Lajos Kossuth is the first Minister of Finance (1848)
  • after the fall of the War of Independence (13 August 1849), Hungary became again the member of Austrian Empire
  • 1867: Hungarian-Austrian Compromise, the First Hungarian Ministry of Finance is established (Minister of Finance: Menyhért Lónyay)
  • Minister of Finance in office is Mihály Varga (2013-)

Visitors are allowed to enter the representative parts (Ministerial lobby, Minister’s study, Ministerial meeting room, Bank foyer) and see other special features (Underground bank vaults, Cyclical elevator).

Guided tour in English for min. 10 persons is available on 22 September (11:30 a.m.) - duration approx. 1 hour

Registration request has to be sent to KqMIVgCEtxDzSHXYuu5zGzZja29ucmVnaXN6dHJhY2lvQHBtLmdvdi5odQ== by giving full name and date of birth (according to ID card or passport)

Liquid or food are forbidden to bring in the building! There is security check before starting!